This web page is dedicated to one of the most colorful people
I have ever heard on the CB radio. His name was Greg Long,
and his CB handle was The Devil.

The Devil's Base and CB Antics

Gregory Delano Long January 1, 1957 - March 14, 1992
Rock Hill, South Carolina - USA

"You got The Devil there..Go ahead"

The Devil's Base

"The Fire and Brimstone Base"
"The Hot Coal Control"

Midland 13-880b

Siltronix Model 90 VFO

Varmint XL-600

When The Devil turned on his Varmint XL-600 amplifier nobody put me in the red like he did.
The meter reading on my Regency CR-230 went way past 30 db.

PDL-2 Beam

The Devil's Antics and Songs

I heard The Devil sing
this song over his CB on several occasions.

by Clancy Hayes and Kermit Goell
Provided for Educational and Research Use Only

Recorded by Hoagy Carmichael

I gotta gal who is mighty sweet, With big blue eyes and tiny feet.
Her name is Rosabelle Magee, and she tips the scales at three o three
Oh! Gee- but ain't it grand to have a gal
so big and fat that when you go to hug'er
You don't know where you're at
You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand and
hug a ways and chalk a mark to see where you began

One day I was a huggin and a chalkin and a chalkin
and a huggin a way. When I met another fella with
some chalk in his hand, A com-in' around the other way 'over
the mountain. A comin' around the other way.

Nobody ever said I'm weak. My bones don't ache and my joints
creak. But I grow pale and I get limp every time I see my
baby blimp, Oh!

Oh! Gee- but ain't it grand to have a gal
so big and fat that when you go to hug'er
You don't know where you're at
You have to take a piece of chalk in your hand and
hug a ways and chalk a mark to see where you began,

One day I was a huggin and a chalkin and a beggin' her to be my bride
When I met another fella with some chalk in his hand
A comin a round the other side over the mountain
A comin around the other side.

Is Your Mother A Virgin?
(Overheard while The Devil was harassing Little Goldsboro in 1981)

The Devil: Hey Little Grease Burger, Is your mother a virgin?

Little Goldsboro: Well.... I don't know.

My Daddy Works For The Highway Department

The Devil: My Daddy works for the highway department.

Unsuspecting CB'er: What does he do?

The Devil: Well you know those dead possums you see on the highway?

Unsuspecting CB'er: Yes

The Devil: Well, my Daddy drives around in his truck all day, and
when he sees a piece of highway that needs some sprucing up he pulls over, gets out
his shovel, takes a dead possum from the back of his
truck, and puts it on the highway.

Who am I talking to?

CB'er: Who am I talking to?

The Devil: I don't know. Who?

CB'er: No, I mean who is this?

The Devil: I give up. Who are you?

CB'er: No, I mean what's your handle?

The Devil: Oh well, I'm The Devil... Go ahead.

Mother Mary Elizabeth

One day "The Devil" decided to chastise two young teenagers named "Sawdust" and "Bugle Boy" for using profanity on the CB. The Devil disguised his voice to sound like a woman and called himself "Mother Mary Elizabeth". He told them he was a nun at the local Catholic church. The Devil knew I could realistically imitate a female voice as I had tricked him once before, so he called me up and asked me to help him chastise Sawdust and Bugle Boy. I said ok, changed my voice to sound like a woman, and called myself "Lady Bug". I made a tape of the ensuing mayhem. The following is a partial transcription from that tape.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Break channel

Bugle Boy: Go ahead

Mother Mary Elizabeth: This is Mother Mary Elizabeth. What's your handle?

Bugle Boy: "Bugle Boy"

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Bugler?

Bugle Boy: Buuuuggle Boy!

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Buuuugler?!

Bugle Boy: Buuugle Boy! B-U-G-L-E...Buuuuugggglllle!!!

Mother Mary Elizabeth: That's not how you spell Bugler!

<several seconds of silence>

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Did you say Bugler Blower??

<several seconds of silence>

Lady Bug: I think you ran him off Mother Mary Elizabeth.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: I just couldn't understand what he was saying. He said his handle was Bugler Blower, and he couldn't even spell it.

Bugle Boy: Well if you can't understand me then the hell with you!

Mother Mary Elizabeth: There he goes with that profanity again. Must be one of those children on here.

Lady Bug: No I think he said; "Well wishes".

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Oh, well then...I'm sorry.

<New Voice>: Hey Mother Mary Elizabeth.

Mother Mary Elizabeth:Yes, Who is this?

<New Voice>:Mikey.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Did you say Nigger? You shouldn't say that on the radio!

Lady Bug: Yea, You might offend a colored person.

Mikey: How do you know I'm not a damn nigger?

Lady Bug: I don't know. Are you?

Mikey: The last time I looked in the mirror I was a damn nigger.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Well, you shouldn't say that, because you might offend someone.

Lady Bug: You know...You shouldn't really feel bad about yourself.... I mean....Just because you're're black doesn't mean you're a damn nigger.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Ten-Four...Well...<The Devil cracks up for a second> ...Lady Bug! Watch what you say over there! You're letting yourself be influenced by them. You said one of those bad words.

Lady Bug: Oh I'm sorry... The Devil must have made me do it.

Sugar Britches (with a cheap reverb box turned up too high): Hello Sawdust...

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Why does that woman sound like she has a mouth full of bed springs?

Sugar Britches (trying to sound sexy): Well honey, I've got a room full of bed springs. Ask Sawdust.

Lady Bug: It sounds like it.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Well, alot of these ladies on here act like they've got bed springs on their backs, but I'!

Sawdust: That's your story, but what do the guys say?

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Guys don't talk about me like what you're probably use to.

Lady Bug: Yea....Mother Mary Elizabeth is a fine young lady.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Thank you Lady Bug.

Lady Bug: You're welcome. I'll take up for you.

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Sawdust...You're not mad at me are you?

Sawdust: For what?

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Well I did fuss at you for using profanity, but since you quit using it I'm real proud of you.

Sawdust: Well right now I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. Sweet Britches....uh..I mean Sugar Britches.

Sugar Britches: Yes Dear...

<several minutes of boring babble between Sawdust and Sugar Britches>

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Sawdust, Do you have sawdust for brains?

Lady Bug: Mother Mary Elizabeth! That wasn't very nice!

Mother Mary Elizabeth: I'm sorry.

<several seconds of silence>

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Sawdust, Would you like to come to our church? We are going to have a covered dish supper this Sunday, and it would be really nice if you could come.

Sawdust: I quit giving to the Church when I found...(Someone keys on Sawdust - unintelligible)

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Well, we are having a free supper this Sunday, and there will be alot of good food there.

Lady Bug: Yeah and Mother Mary Elizabeth makes a really good potato salad.

Sawdust: What religion are you Mother Mary Elizabeth?

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Catholic

Sawdust: Do you go to Saint Anne's?

Mother Mary Elizabeth: Yes. Down at the offertory we have a small service every week.

The conversation continued for about 20 minutes, and ended with Mother Mary Elizabeth and Lady Bug inviting Sawdust and Bugle Boy to come to Saint Ann's Catholic Church the next Sunday for a covered dish supper. Neither Mother Mary Elizabeth or Lady Bug are catholic, female, nor have they ever been to Saint Anne's Catholic Church.

The Eleven Code

The Devil decided to aggravate some of the CB locals by creating an eleven code (like the ten code), but the definitions would only be shared among his CB friends. The idea was to watch the local CB'ers try to figure out what was being said via the eleven code. To add a little more fun to the mayhem the eleven code definitions were changed once every few weeks without saying anything about the new version on the air. The eleven code included other CB'ers handles, name calling, and several tactics to confuse the listeners as to what was really going on.

One CB'er who was trying to figure out the eleven code definitions was Black Knight. After a few days Black Knight broke in and said he knew his handle was in the eleven code. When asked which code he thought he was he replied "11-13". I've included the 11 code below for your amusement.

The Eleven Code

  • 11-1 Say you are going 10-7, but go to channel # instead.

  • 11-2 Say you are going to channel #, but subtract 7 and go to that channel.

  • 11-3 Say you are going to channel #, but add 10 and go to that channel.

  • 11-4 Lady Gator is on channel #.

  • 11-5 Give him/her a fake signal report.

  • 11-6 She sounds pretty hot.

  • 11-7 He/She sounds fat.

  • 11-8 Throw out a few random 11 codes that mean nothing.

  • 11-9 Someone is trying to key on you.

  • 11-10 Give me a phone call.

  • 11-11 Tell him/her to go to another channel, and then meet me on channel #.

  • 11-12 We are being talked about on channel #.

  • 11-13 Dumb ass

  • 11-14 Crank it up

  • 11-15 Lady Gator

  • 11-16 Little Goldsboro

  • 11-17 Black Knight

  • 11-18 Sidekick

  • 11-19 Lounger

  • 11-20 Switch to horizontal polarization.

  • 11-21 Switch to vertical polarization.

  • 11-22 <insert handle> is on channel #

  • 11-23 He/She is getting pissed

  • 11-24 Say you are going to channel ## but reverse the digits and go to that channel.

  • 11-25 He/She is a dick head.

  • 11-26 <insert handle> is co-channeling me.

  • 11-27 Little Grease Burger is on channel #.

  • 11-28 Lounger is on channel #

  • 11-29 He/She is dumb as a box of rocks.

  • 11-30 Say you are going 10-7, but just say nothing for 5 minutes.

  • 11-31 Stupid redneck

  • 11-41 Go to channel X. Add 20 to the actual channel number.

The Devil's Sense of Humor

The following conversations did not take place over the CB radio, but they are a good snapshot
of the unique sense of humor "The Devil" displayed over the CB. Recordings contain some profanity.

Greg Long (The Devil) on the telephone - part 1 (7 megabytes)

Greg Long (The Devil) on the telephone - part 2 (2.4 megabytes)

The Devil changed his handle to "The Phoenix" in the mid 1980s
Vintage CB Recording in MP3 Format

Phoenix was using a Realistic TRC-422a on this recording

Phoenix (The Devil) and Toy Maker (1986) 8.87 megabytes

CB Basketball (1987) -Vintage CB Recording in MP3 Format-

The Phoenix (The Devil) and John Dean square off (5.08 megabytes)

The Devil attempts to put Lounger off the CB
Vintage CB recordings in MP3 format - December 24, 1981

The Devil is talking on a Midland 13-880b with a Siltronix Model 90-1 vfo,
a D-104 desk microphone, and a Varmint XL-600 amplifier

Midland 13-880b

Lounger is talking on a Sears Roadtalker 40 channel sideband mobile/base with a D-104

Carolina Pirate is talking on a Regency CR-230 on a Radio Shack 2.5 amp power supply and a D-104

Regency CR-230

The recording was made at another CB'ers house about a mile away. I'm not positive, but the receiver
used to make this recording may have been a Cobra 139 XLR.

Warning: The following two recordings contain excessive profanity from Lounger.

Memorable quotes from Part 1:

JR: Who am I talking to?

The Devil: I give up. Who?


The Devil to Carolina Pirate: What are you doing keying over me!

Carolina Pirate: Telling him (Lounger) to go to channel 34, so you'll stop arguing.

The Devil: I ain't arguing!

Carolina Pirate: (Laugh) Conversing with hostile emotions then.

Warning: Excessive profanity from Lounger

"The Devil" attempts to put "Lounger" off the radio - Part 1
December 24, 1981 - MP3 27 megabytes


Memorable quotes from Part 2:

The Devil to Lounger (Fake crying): It hurts me so bad to key over you.....and harass you......It does.....sniff..sniff...

"The Devil" attempts to put "Lounger" off the radio - Part 2
December 24, 1981 - MP3 28 megabytes