The Red Horse CB Graveyard *

My friend Red Horse killed more CB radios during his time on the air than anyone else I know. This web page is a memorial to the CB radios that served Red Horse before landing in the CB graveyard.

Realistic Rover 1500

I think Red Horse just wore this radio out, but the following radios were not so lucky. May it rest in piece.

Sears Roadtalker 23 and 40 Channel Mobiles

Numerous peaking attempts eventually killed the 23 channel version of this radio when the slugs in some of the variable inductors crumbled.
May it rest in piece.

Red Horse then purchased a 40 channel Sears Roadtalker that died after he clipped one too many diodes in an attempt to remove the modulation limiter. The possibility of a "radio revival" was lessened when Red Horse accidentally dropped a metal tool on to the circuit board while the radio was still powered up.

May it rest in piece.

White Face Johnson

I'm not quite sure what happened to this radio. Red Horse said he plugged it up at a friends house and it lite up like the fourth of July.

May it rest in piece.

Realistic Amplified Desk Mic

Red Horse blew out the mic preamp on this transistorized microphone when he tried to wire it up to a tube type CB radio.

May it rest in piece.

Midland 1 Watt Walkie Talkie

Red Horse's friend "Frankie" had a 1 watt walkie talkie. Frankie brought his radio over for me to peak out. I adjusted the radio and all was well. After Frankie went back home, Red Horse and Frankie started talking to each other over the CB. They decided to have another go at peaking out the walkie talkie while Red Horse watched the signal meter from his house. Frankie began making adjustments to the radio when he disappeared off the air. Frankie was never heard on the CB again.

May it rest in piece.

Royce 609 40 Channel Mobile

This radio met its demise when Red Horse tried to clip the limiter transistor in the modulation circuit. He missed and clipped the first stage of the mic amplification circuit. This radio did live to see another day when Red Horse sold it to me for $25.00. I repaired the radio and used it for two more years before selling it.

Royce 609

Red Horse was never heard on the CB air waves in Rock Hill again.

Many years later and in another town Red Horse purchased a new CB for his car, and appropriately changed his handle to "Circuit Breaker".

* In all fairness to Red Horse I did kill my first CB radio in 1977 when I made my first attempt at peaking a CB. The radio was at the Midland factory for two months before I got it back. I decided to learn what I was doing before making another attempt at radio repair. Today I have my Advanced Class Amateur Radio License, and I fix radios instead of breaking them.