Oxilla Records uses a custom built computer, made for studio recording. It was built by Computers For All Ages in York, SC. The heart of the system relies on its:
1 Gigahertz   Intel processor
1 Gigabyte RAM
120 Gigabyte hard drive
Sound Blaster Platinum / Audigy Sound Sysytem

In house musicians and production allows us to, not only make our own music, but yours as well.

If you are a songwriter looking for a way to produce out your tunes, Oxilla Records can help. Most instruments that you may want to add to your song can be MIDI sequenced using the Alesis S4-Plus Sound module, but others would be "live" instruments. You can even bring your own musicians in to help.

Nashville quality sound in Clover, SC? Sure. It's digital, and it's engineered by someone with over 15 years studio experience.

Your songs will be put on CD and then, you too, can have your own "demo" to show around!

Rates are available by request, just E-mail us. Contact us now to schedule your studio time!

Owner: J. Scott Addis

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The song is free for you to enjoy! All I ask is if you do download it, please e-mail me and let me know where it went to. I'd like to keep track of how many people hear it. (if that's possible to keep track of!) Thanks, J. Scott Addis
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